The Inside Scoop®: Behind The Scenes Edition!

•March 2, 2008 • 3 Comments

Entertainment news for the week of February 24 – 29th, 2008.

Episode 2298

Resources/Topics referenced in this episode:

  • Second Inventory (Content theft, or useful back up tool?)
  • Palomar West (Hospital of the Future, coming to RL in 2011)
  • Rezz Day Greetings (Thanks, Honour!)
  • Obligatory Shout Out (Otherwise, however will the best SL machinimist ever be motivated enough to shoot some more film?!)

Okay, still trying to get stuff all figured out, don’t mind me.  Maybe one day these videos will contain actual information, huh?

Don’t hold your breath…

The Inside Scoop®: Special Reality TV Edition!

•February 22, 2008 • 5 Comments

Entertainment news for the week of February 17 – 23rd, 2008.

Episode 2238
Resources/Topics referenced in this episode

Well, what do you think – will The Inside Scoop® show be accepted or rejected?  YOU make the call!   Weekly, monthly, yearly – or never to air again?? 

Let us know, executive producers are standing by to answer your (obscene) calls!